May 6, 2009

ICTs, knowledge, economic activities and social structure

An in-depth multidisciplinary analysis on the individual, economic and social impact of ICT and the flow of information, communication and knowledge should be addressed with specific aims. It is important to go through an aggregate perspective of digital technologies and co-innovation processes to more specific situations.

This research area sets out to analyse:

  • (7) Co-innovation processes with added value;

  • (8) Economic sectors that are more relevant due to their intrinsic importance or to their pull-push economic effect. Special emphasis will be placed onĀ  Knowledge Economic core activities and on the private sector (financial, advertising, media and entertainment) as well as the public sector (Health and Public Policies)

  • (9) Complementary effects on supply and demand activities. Special emphasis will be placed on family consumption, investment mechanism, foreign relations and individual and social ICT use.

  • (10) Individual, social and economic use of the ICT and information, communication and knowledge flow and how this use shapes social structure and modifies wealth and inequalities.

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